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Unconventional Ways to Keeping Your House Cool during Summer

During summer, the temperatures are always high either inside or outside the house and therefore the need to come up with a better way of regulating the temperatures because they can really mess up your day. The following are some of the unconventional techniques of keeping your house cool during the summer season.

If you have invested in the fan, then you need to adjust the settings. Generally, the fan most of the times rotate clockwise in this will not be effective during summer because it pulls the cool air towards the ceiling pushing down the warm hair to the rest of the house, therefore, increasing the heat. If you want to call the temperatures in the house, therefore, you have to adjust the ceiling fan by ensuring that is rotating counterclockwise because it will push down the cool air to the house as it pushes up the warm air to the ceiling, therefore, cooling the house.

Another important step you can take is to ensure that your doors and windows are open. The windows and the doors can work better when they temperatures have gone drastically down especially during the evening. It can also be more effective if the windows you have in your house can be opened both at the bottom and at the top. Most people opt to invest in the heating and cooling system during summer but end up being a lot of electricity bills and that is why it is great to invest in windows and doors which don’t need a lot of maintenance.

Optionally, you can you dehumidify. This can be great especially if you live in the humid area allowing you to invest in dehumidifiers which on the other hand, can help you in keeping your house cool no matter how the temperatures are outside.

The sun is the only one that hits the whole have meaning that if you can be able to block the sun rays from penetrating the house, you can cool the house. You will require therefore to invest in the appropriate materials that can help in blocking the sun rays which include the blinds in the curtains because it has been proven that they can help maintain the house cool at least 20?.

Another unconventional technique can use when you want to call your house during high temperatures, is icing down whereby use a bowl of ice in a specific area. Icing down is a great unconventional technique, but the only problem is it cannot cover the whole house but a specific area where the bowl is placed. The truth is there are more other unconventional ways of cooling your house during summer and you can discover more techniques on the Internet as there is available info.

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