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How I Changed From a Career Woman to a Mother, and I Feel Good About That

The change of circumstances. My aim in life was to work and have all my goals fulfilled. It took me three years to graduate from the college I was at being at the top of my class. During the Friday nights, I did not go out partying like most of the college students do but rather, I would stay in my room reading so that I would have the best grade in the next weeks exams. I found out that I could write while still young and ever since I used to write and by the time I completed my elementary I had filled up a cardboard box.

When I had completed my college studies I got a job that involved technical writing at a firm in my hometown. It was fulfilling, and the pay was good, but it was still not my dream job. It was exhaustive doing the job, and at times I even had the carpal tunnel syndrome. When I was done with my dinner, I could not resist from doing the writing as I wanted to become of the authors of a top-selling American novel. I have always wanted to win a Pulitzer and an Oscar through my creative writings.

Before I was done with working on my novel, our daughter was born when I was 28 years old and later we had our son. The hard work that I directed towards my career was now shifted to bringing up my kids in the best way. I, therefore, quit my job after I had my firstborn so that I could stay at home with her. I contacted my bosses and told them I could not continue with the job. The projects that I was looking forward to completing after I was through with my maternal leave were now handed over to someone else.

Sometimes when I had the kids asleep, I would pick up my computer to try and add up some content to my novel. I would have some time at the coffee shop while my parents, siblings, friends or my husband watched over the kids. It was not easy and I used to call now and then to know about the progress of my kids.

Through this site, I have been able to tell my story, and whatever decision I made makes me feel happy. If a chance presents itself where I will be required to get my computer, then I will not be hesitant to do so. A day will come I will be in a position to have my dreams come true.